Volcan de Mi Tierra X.A. Tequila


From the Maker:

Volcan is characterized by its blending philosophy. Rather than choosing just one form of production or one type of blue Weber agave (as many other brands do), Volcan, which has its own distillery, uses multiple techniques and blends the results. The “blend-it-all” approach is akin to the process used by cognac-makers to extract delicate aromas and construct elegant, nuanced spirits.

That blending philosophy is carried through in XA, which stands for “extra ages.” The liquid is a blend of three different spirits of different ages, including a reposado aged for six months in virgin American oak casks, a 14-month-old añejo that’s a blend of European and American oak cask finishes and an extra añejo aged in American oak for three years. Make space on the top shelf for this one. 

About the Maker:

200,000 years ago the tequila volcano erupted and shaped the fertile soil of the Jalisco region in Mexico. Volcan de Mi Tierra distillery stands at the foot of the volcano, surrounded by their blue weber agave fields patiently growing in this incredibly rich volcanic soil. Volcan De Mi Tierra pays homage to that volcano, by reflecting it in the base of the bottle, which won gold during the IWSC, in the Spirits Artwork & Bottle Design category. 

Volcan De Mi Tierra is built on an assemblage. Selecting very best agave from two regions to reach a complex and elegant liquid. The Volcan Blanco and Volcan Cristalino expressions’ complexity comes from blending carefully selected blue agave from both the Highlands (Los Altos) and the Lowlands (El Valle). Volcan Reposado is sourced 100% from the Highlands. Located in the shadow of the tequila volcano, the Lowlands develops typical earthy, spicy and herbal notes. The Highlands with a mostly red clay soil and at a higher elevation, produces rounder, more fruity and floral tequila profile.

History and innovation are infused with authenticity in a distinctive distilling process that pave the way to a new area in tequila. For the lowlands agave, it is the horno (traditional outdoor oven) for cooking of the agave that is used, the tahonafor milling and fermentation then takes place in wooden tanks.

These are combined with modern processes, utilizing the autoclave (pressure cooker oven) for cooking of the highlands agave, multistage mills for milling and we use copper pot and stainless steel stills for our distillation. Volcan de mi Tierra is unique in that they own their own distillery and the NOM 1523, is truly a guarantee of quality and credibility.

Additional Info:

 ABV: 40%
Origin: Mexico
SKU: 1098753-VOL