Krug Vintage 2004


At the House of Krug, every Krug Vintage celebrates the distinct character of a particular year. A Krug Vintage is a blend of the most expressive wines from a single year enhanced by a stay of over ten years in the cellars. Every Krug Vintage is different: it is the Music of the year, captured by Krug. The story of the year 2004, captured by Krug. With harmonious tension and elegant radiance, Krug 2004 reveals the vibrant story of a fresh year – so much so that the House chose to give it the nickname “Luminous Freshness”.


Type of champagne 0,75L
Grape Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier
Dosage Brut
Flavour Citrus & fresh, tart flavours
Type Of Taste
Barcode 3258064078405
ABV 12 % Vol.
Weight 1.6 kg
Country of origin France
Manufacturer Maison Krug, 51051 Reims, France
Additional Info Health warning: Contains sulphites.