Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen Indulgence Champagne Saber


Georg Jensen

Hold the champagne or champagne bottle at an angle of approximately 20 degrees to move the blunt side of the saber (back) in a fluid motion over the bottle body onto the neck of the bottle. If the blade strikes the bottom of the bottle head from below, the head of the bottle with the bead and the cork is knocked off. A very special way to celebrate something!

The experienced sommelier can open a bottle with little champagne loss. However, we recommend draining some of the contents to rinse off any glass splinters that may stick to the neck. The first cast-in glass should also be tested for small pieces of glass.

Please note: Keep the saber and the severed bottleneck out of reach of children and animals, handle bottles and shards with care and never drink from the bottle.


  • Article number: 3586672
  • Material: Highly polished stainless steel
  • Dimensions: L: 440 mm Ø: 25 mm