Grande Charte

Grande Charte Gc-5 Collection Rosé


Grande Charte is the House of fine Champagne Wines of the 21st Century, crafting new legendary wines made from organic and biodynamic cultures. The wines are located in Marne and Aube in the Champagne vineyard. The terroirs reflect the optimal potential of each grape, such as clay-limestone terroir of Aube for Pinot-Noir, and clay from the right bank of the Marne Valley for the Meunier. With moderate sunshine, the growth and development of the vines are limited and the ripening of the grapes adapted to the freshness and finesse sought in Champagne wines. After a careful and secret preparation during a decade, Grande Charte Champagne House offers five cuvees. The ROSÉ cuvee is a very rare wine - 440 bottles made, considered as one of the best ever Rosé Champagne by world renown sommeliers. The bottles of each individual allocation are sent directly from the cellar, and are allowed thanks to the vetting of an existing Grande Charte client acting as a sponsor. founders can offer the privilege of their personal sponsorship to a limited number of clients, upon request.

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Grande Charte
Type of champagne 0,75L
Grape 56% Pinot Noir, 33% Meunier, 11% Chardonnay
Dosage Brut 8 g/L
Flavour Five and a half years of ageing on the lees have imbued this classy Pinot Noir and Meunier-dominant rosé with a rich salmon pink hue. The long ageing is reflected on the palate with classic sourdough and biscuit notes, all intermingling with fresh peaches and cream, red berries and an almost Armagnac-like note of prunes and earth. All this is supported by the signature Grande Charte delicate yet persistent fine mousse which caresses the palate. A very gentle grip of tannins adds structure and underlines this wine's gastronomic potential, although the softer dosage also allows this wine to be enjoyed as a delicious apéritif. Anne Mc Hale MW
Type Of Taste Sec
Barcode 3770014936042
ABV 12.% Vol.
Weight 1.60 Kg
Country of origin France
Manufacturer Champagnes Grande Charte, Reims, France
Additional Info Only 440 bottles produced, hand-written number for each bottle Certified Organic Contains sulfites